Battle of Boyacá



    This was the Independence War Battle that guaranteed the success of the Liberating Campaign of New Granada. It took place on August 7, 1819, at the crossing of the Teatinos River, near Tunja.


    Korean War



    The Colombian Infantry Battalion, through the United Nations Command, was deployed in South Korea after the attack of North Korea. This was the first open engagement of the Cold War. After their participation, the Colombian Military Forces were different: they changed their doctrine, their way of operating, and they became more professional Forces. 


    Operación Marquetalia

    May-October 1964


    The National Army initiated Operation Soberanía Gama to recover Marquetalia, area occupied by a group of armed men, which was led by Manuel Marulanda Vélez, a.k.a. Tirofijo.  There, civic-military action was used as the main tool to bring development to this region.


    Operation Anorí

    August-October 1973


    The National Army developed Operation Anorí, reducing the ranks of the ELN and neutralizing the guerrilla commanders Antonio and Fabio Vásquez-Castaño.


    Operation Colombia

    December 1990


    The Army carried out Operation Colombia against the mother camp of the insurgent group FARC. About 1,000 Army personnel traveled to the area, covering a wide region of the Duda River, located in the foothills of the Eastern Ranges, municipality of Uribe (Meta), in order to dismantle the General Staff and the Secretariat of this illegal armed group.


    Operation Gato Negro

    February-April 2001


    It took place in the jungles of Vichada and Guainía. This Operation allowed destroying several cocaine laboratories of the FARC. The discovery of these laboratories confirmed that this guerrilla group had definitively adopted drug trafficking as a funding source.


    Operation Berlin

    February 2001


    It managed to dismantle two fronts of the FARC in the department of Santander. During this Operation, 118 guerillas were captured and 62 more were neutralized. In addition, illicit recruitment carried out by illegal armed groups was made public.


    Operation TH Tánatos

    February-June 2002


    For this Operation, 20,000 soldiers were deployed to the "demilitarized zone", with the aim of retaking the municipality of San Vicente del Caguán.


    Operation Libertad I

    June-December 2003


    This Operation neutralized the plan of the FARC to take over the center of the country and isolate Bogota. The army protected the Sumapaz Moor from this group and dismantled four fronts. This was the first major victory of the National Army within the framework of the Patriota Plan.


    Operation Joya del Nilo

    October 25, 2007


    The Omega Joint Task Force, attached to the General Command of the Military Forces, was in charge of carrying out Operation Joya del Nilo, which resulted in the death of Tomás Medina-Caracas, a.k.a. Negro Acacio, and 17 more guerrillas.


    Operation Fénix

    March 2008


    The objective was to neutralize Luis Édgar Devia-Silva, alias Raúl Reyes, member of the FARC Secretariat, second ringleader and international spokesperson of the organization, who was in the province of Sucumbíos, Ecuador. Raúl Reyes and sixteen more insurgents died in the development of this military operation.


    At the time of his death, Raúl Reyes had several active sentences and twenty-five arrest warrants for terrorism, aggravated murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping for terrorist purposes, rebellion, personal injuries and illegal possession of weapons.



    Operation Jaque

    July 2, 2008


    The National Army rescued fifteen people who had been abducted by the FARC, including seven soldiers, four police officers, former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three Americans. Most of them had been captive for over 10 years.


    Operation Chameleon

    June 2010


    In Calamar, (Guaviare), the National Army, after developing a perfect operation, broke into the guerrilla camp of the Seventh Front of the FARC where four soldiers were being held hostage. Police General Luis Herlindo Mendieta, Colonel Enrique Murillo, Colonel William Donato and Army Sgt. Arbey Delgado Argoty were rescued.


    Operation Sodoma

    September 22, 2010


    The objective was to capture or neutralize alias Mono Jojoy, who was in the general area of the municipality of La Macarena, department of Meta. To this end, the Special Operations Battalion No. 1 was deployed. Finally, this member of the FARC secretariat died during the development of the operation in the area where his camp was located.


    Operation Odiseo

    November 2011


    Guillermo León Sáenz-Vargas, alias Alfonso Cano, died during the operation carried out in the general area of the municipality of Suárez, department of Cauca. This was a major blow against the FARC as he was its commander-in-chief and main ideologist.


    Operation Faraón

    March 21, 2012


    This operation was developed against the 10th Front, Julio María Tavera Company, of the FARC, in the rural area of Arauquita, department of Arauca.

    The results were 33 guerrillas killed in the development of the operation and 5 more captured, including their leader, Juan Vicente Carvajal, alias Misael, and the head of the militias, Miguel Pérez-Ramírez, alias Gonzalo or El Indio. Both individuals were wanted for drug trafficking and extortion against the inhabitants of Arauquita and Saravena.




    Operation Armagedón

    March 26, 2012


    In the municipality of Vistahermosa, department of Meta, the Omega Joint Task Force and the Mobile Brigade No. 12 conducted an operation against the 27th and 43rd Fronts of the FARC. There, 35 guerrillas died and six more were captured.


    Operation Libertad

    May 8, 2013


    Troops of the 9th Battalion - Batalla de Boyacá, of the 23rd Brigade, attached to the Pegaso Task Force of the Third Division, held combats with the Jacobo Arenas Mobile Column in the village of Porvenir, municipality of Leiva, in the border area between the departments of Cauca and Nariño. Jorge Eliécer Zambrano-Cardozo, alias Caliche, head of this column, was killed during the operation.


    Operation Eitaro II

    19 de abril de 2014


    This operation was carried out in compliance with the Espada de Honor II War Plan, resulting in the death of Luis Eduardo Chavarria-Ceballos, head of the Luis José Solano Sepúlveda Front of the ELN, and also its ideologist. Other four subjects of the same structure were captured.


    Operation Escorpión

    October 2, 2015


    This operation was carried out in compliance with the Sword of Honor III War Plan in the municipality of Hacarí, department of Norte de Santander. The Operation resulted in the death of Víctor Ramón Navarro-Serrano, second head of the illegal armed group Los Pelusos, and of other three members of the same structure. Abundant war material was also seized.


    Operation Agamenón II

    July 2017


    This operation was carried out in the municipality of Turbo, Antioquia, in compliance with the Victoria Plan for Stabilization and Consolidation.


    Roberto Vargas-Gutiérrez, a.k.a. Gavilán, second commander of the Gulf Clan, was killed during the operation.



    Operation República

    January 20, 2018


    In compliance with the Victoria Plus War Plan, the General Command of the Military Forces carried out the Offensive Action Operation República in the municipality of Pisba, Boyacá, which resulted in the death of Harvey Alberto Franco-Holguin, a.k.a. Pimpón, main ringleader of the Heroes and Martyrs Front of the ELN.